I am an experienced and successful content creator with a penchant for good whiskey, fast cars, and really sugary iced coffee drinks. I live in a historic downtown Sioux Falls loft with an energetic rescue pitbull and a very grumpy three-legged cat. I spend all my spare time either on my patio or at one of my favorite restaurants, usually hidden behind my journal or a Kerouac book.


My strange and unexpected start in a niche industry gave me incredible management skills, an ability to quickly learn and retain knowledge about any industry, and an excellent work ethic stemmed from working almost solely in small business and entrepreneurial environments. I started in 2009 as a part-time sales girl at a firing range and quickly climbed the ladder, reaching the position of Range Manager in less than two years. While there, I developed multiple shooting programs, most of which are still intact to this day, wrote all of the policies and procedures for the Five-Star rated facility, and learned everything I could about management, a skill that would come in handy later as I grew into my editorial and publishing positions.


My content creation career started as a blogger, when I began writing for Gun Nuts Media. I developed a reputation for creating fun but controversial content, and as one industry professional put it, "had a knack for getting away with it." My networking skills and digital media savvy eventually allowed me to leave my job at the range and pursue freelance writing fulltime; not four months later I landed my first editorial position with Media Index Publishing. launching their flagship firearms magazine, Western Shooting Journal. Eventually, country-wide demand would cause them to re-brand as American Shooting Journal and take the title national.


My time with Media Index Publishing was short-lived however. Eight months later I received a phone call from an entrepreneur I had worked with in the past, doing part-time bits to help them launch their website. "Do you want to move to South Dakota and start a national title?" he asked as I left my downtown Seattle office. That January I found myself in Sioux Falls, putting together the preview issue of GunUp the Magazine just in time for the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show in 2013. Met by both shooting enthusiasts and industry professionals alike with enthusiasm, GunUp the Magazine set the stage for what would become a new industry standard in both content and design, pushing older and more broadly-recognized publications to rethink their visuals and editorial.


In April of 2015, GunUp was acquired by Media Lodge, a partner company of the third-largest auction site on the internet: Gunbroker. For several months I worked with the team at Media Lodge to develop online content for advertisers and newsletters across their email lists and blogger network, create interesting series and other video content for their new video platform, GetZone, and help them maintain the quality of content, design, and forward-thinking innovation expected in GunUp the Magazine.


I'm now in the process of expanding my content beyond the firearms industry, and am launching a lifestyle-oriented content hub based out of the lovely town of Sioux Falls. The site will cover everything from restaurant and drink reviews, to events, concerts, sports, and more. Learn more at www.scenefalls.com.